September - Intro to the Science Club

Oklahoma Section ACS Meeting on "Food Toxicology from Cradle to Grave"

October- Dr. Neuenschwander from SNU talked about "The Development of Nuclear Weapons and (God Forbid) Nuclear War"

November- We gathered together 26 Thanksgiving Baskets! with the help of the math club. That is 13x the amount of previous years. On Tuesday, science students delivered 9 baskets to people throughout the Shawnee area. Three more were delivered by Dr. Jordan and Kris Steele. On Tuesday night, Kris took the remaining 15 baskets to DHS. They apparently had a shortage of food and were going to be unable to fill all of the baskets they had promised. They were overjoyed upon recieving our food. I guess we are the science (and math) clubs that saved Thanksgiving!

Completed baskets

Turkeys for the baskets

Pies, cranberry sauce, and chicken stock

Suffing, sweet potatoes, corn, and potatoes



Friday August 26, Welcome (and Welcome back) to OBU Cookout at Wood

September 30: Meeting of the American Chemical Society- Oklahoma Section

September: T-Shirt orders and new T-shirt design contest. Please submit entries or Dr. Jordan's design will be used.

October 4: Jadee Upshaw, MD/PhD student at the Mayo Clinic will speak at 7:00 PM in Wood 102

October 13: Cookout and Movie Night. 6 PM cookout, 7 PM Movie (Raider's of the Lost Ark). Watch the movie and find out the answer the density question on the SI worksheet!

October 15: Shawnee Mall Demos for National Chemistry Week

Novermber 7: Dr. Chen talked about research at NASA.

November 22: Science Clubs prepared 2 Thanksgiving baskets for distribution to families in Shawnee

Thanksgiving Baskets

Pictures from October 4 talk by Jadee Upshaw.

Pictures from the October 15 Mall Demos

On October 15, the SAACS chapters from OBU and UCO met at Shawnee Mall and perfomed hands-on demos with local children for National Chemistry Week 2005.

Elephant Toothpaste Demo Quicktime™ Movie

Pictures from September 30 ACS Meeting

People play volleyball on the oval

It takes more than a little rain to stop chemists playing volleyball

It takes food to stop chemists playing volleyball

The Marshalls talk to students before the meeting

A crowd gathers outside Wood Science before the talk

The crowd gathers inside Wood Science before the talk

Dr. James Marshall in a mine

Dr. Marshall shows the locations of some of his travels

Mrs. Marshall holds up the lab smock of Marie Curie (really)

The Marshall's in Scotland seeking the discovery site of Strontium

Dr. Marshll talks to students and faculty after the talk

Mrs. Virginia Marshall

Dr. Marshall talks to Dr. Frech

Movie Clips from the Meeting

The crowd gathers

Rain didn't stop volleyball

The beginning of spectroscopy

Some of the Marshall's travels

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Activities from 2003

Activities from Spring 2001

Activities from Fall 2000

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