ACS Career Guidance Services

ACS Career Services Homepage- includes the online Professional Data Base, Employment Clearing House, Job Bank and Chemical and Engineering Ads

National Academy of Science site - site for chemistry and biochemistry jobs

Job Site Database LINKS- ones at least somewhat relevant to chemistry.

FedWorld - U.S. Government Jobs, U.S. Government Site

U.S. Government's Office of Personnel Management's site of Official U.S. Government job listings. Semi-redundant with FedWorld. If looking for government jobs, you should try to search both sites.

Department of Energy Laboratories can be searched for positions. You have to search each laboratory's site.

Environmental Protection Agency- allows more specific search for just the EPA. Also allows search for specific regions (go to site of the particular EPA region).

Patent Attorney- search under "Intellectual Property" by specialty. Many of these want a law degree first.

If you are considering technical writing, Writing Assistance, Inc. specializes in placing technical writers in temporary and permanent positions.

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