Although you cannot become a member of the American Chemical Society(ACS) without a degree in chemistry or work experience, you can become a member of an ACS Student Affiliate. Membership in the ACS Student Affiliate at SUU allows you many of the benefits of ACS membership such as:

•Career and Employment Services from the ACS

• Subscription to Chemical and Engineering News

in Chemistry magazine

• The Directory of Experience Opportunities (internships, co-ops, summer research)

• Drastically discounted registraion fees for ACS meetings

• Discounts for ACS journal subscriptions

Who can join? Any student working toward a degree in chemistry or related science is eligible to join.

How do you join? Fill out a registration form and mail it in with the registration fee or register online at You can get a form from Dr. Jordan or a member.

How much does it cost? The registration costs range from $17 (for yearly membership and 17 issues of Chemical and Engineering News to higher costs for more issues of Chemical and Engineering News or Journal subscriptions.

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