Lecture Notes for Biochemistry

Protein Homework Apply (and increase) your understanding of protein function while I am away.

Chapter 6 Derivations These contain the derivations for Michaelis-Menton, Lineweaver-Burk and the forms of Michaelis-Menton with competitive and uncompetitive inhibition. Consult your textbook for descriptions of the resulting plots, as well as the equilibria associated with each inhibitor.

Chapter 7 Notes These are some notes that have been hurriedly put together to try to point out important points as I discuss the figures in the book. Certainly not required, but they might make it easier to listen in class.

Chapter 8 Notes Ditto Chapter 7 notes. These were put together a little more deliberately, but are still just a supplement reemphasizing material discussed in class.

Chapter 9 Notes Again, nothing new, just notes to emphasize important material from Chapter 9.

Presentation Guidelines A brief instruction sheet for preparing the end-of-semester talk.

Presentation Grading Sheet A guideline of how I will assess your end-of-semester talk.