Schedule for Article Analysis for Biochemical Methods Spring 2008.

For February 11:

Kyle E. Landgraf, Nathan J. Malmberg and Joseph J. Falke Effect of PIP2 Binding on the Membrane Docking Geometry of PKCa C2 Domain: An EPR Site-Directed Spin-Labeling and Relaxation Study Biochemistry, 47 (32), 8301 -8316, 2008.

For March 11:

Barak Akabayov, Seung-Joo Lee, Sabine R. Akabayov, Sandeep Rekhi, Bin Zhu, Charles C. Richardson DNA Recognition by the DNA Primase of Bacteriophage T7: A Structure−Function Study of the Zinc-Binding Domain. Biochemistry, 48 (8), 1763-1773, 2009.

Sarah S. Learman, Catherine D. Kim, Nathaniel S. Stevens, Sunyoung Kim, Edward J. Wojcik and Richard A. Walker NSC 622124 Inhibits Human Eg5 and Other Kinesins via Interaction with the Conserved Microtubule-Binding Site. Biochemistry, 48 (8), 1754-1762, 2009.

For April 1:

Gabriela Klocek, Therese Schulthess, Yechiel Shai and Joachim Seelig Thermodynamics of Melittin Binding to Lipid Bilayers. Aggregation and Pore Formation. Biochemistry, 48 (12), 2586–2596, 2009.

For May 4:

David Nguyen, Padmaja Dhanasekaran, Michael C. Phillips, and Sissel Lund-Katz. Molecular Mechanism of Apolipoprotein E Binding to Lipoprotein Particles. Biochemistry, 48 (13), 3025-3032, 2009.

Marion L. Loughnan, Annette Nicke, Nicole Lawrence and Richard J. Lewis. Novel aD-Conopeptides and Their Precursors Identified by cDNA Cloning Define the D-Conotoxin Superfamily. Biochemistry, 48 (17), 3717–3729, 2009.

For May 13:

Jiejin Chen, Patrik R. Callis and Jonathan King. Mechanism of the Very Efficient Quenching of Tryptophan Fluorescence in Human gammaD- and gammaS-Crystallins: The gamma-Crystallin Fold May Have Evolved To Protect Tryptophan Residues from Ultraviolet Photodamage. Biochemistry, 48 (17), 3708–3716, 2009.

James N. Sturgis, Jaimey D. Tucker, John D. Olsen, C. Neil Hunter and Robert A. Niederman. Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Native Photosynthetic Membranes. Biochemistry, 48 (17), 3679–3698.

Martin J. Allen, Amy Guo, Theresa Martinez, Mei Han, Gregory C. Flynn, Jette Wypych, Yaoqing Diana Liu, Wenyan D. Shen, Thomas M. Dillon, Christopher Vezina and Alain Balland. Interchain Disulfide Bonding in Human IgG2 Antibodies Probed by Site-Directed Mutagenesis. Biochemistry, 48 (17), 3755–3766, 2009.