Resources for High School

The following materials have been developed at OBU and are available for educators to use in their classrooms. Permission is given by the author to make reproductions of these labs for use in secondary science education. Permission is not given for the sale or other commercial use of these items.

Lab Experiments

The following lab experiments are suitable for high school chemistry labs. Some do use materials that require close supervision (such as solid NaOH), however. Equipment for these labs is available on loan from OBU for schools that would like to include these labs, but lack the necessary equipment. Equipment available includes

Spec 20 spectrophotometer

burets and stands

conductivity meter

If you would like to borrow any of the above equipment, please contact me at or (405)878-2044.

If you use these experiements, please let me know of any improvements I could make to these.


Titration of Bleach Products - This lab quantifies the active ingredient in household bleach.

Synthesis of Magnetite- Synthesis of a mineral with important magnetic properties. This lab will take more than one lab period. After the two solution have been heated, they can be stored and the filtration can be performed on a different day. A cooler oven can be used and will only increase the drying time.

Density Column - Investigates the density of liquids and solids

Visible Spectrum of Flower Pigments- By having a pigment solution pre-prepared, the data collection can be performed in one day. Data analysis can be completed on a different day.

Colors. Why do we see the colors that we do? Why does blue and yellow make green?

Acids and Bases. What are acids and bases?