Pre-engineering is for students who are thinking about a degree in engineering, but do not want to start engineering school right away. There are two different routes to engineering school from OBU. In the first route, the student takes the general math and science courses required by the engineering school at OBU and transfers after their second year to an engineering school to complete their bachelor's degree in engineering. Typical courses taken are listed below, but they vary depending on the desired engineering school. It is important for the student to have an idea of which engineering degree they are looking at and which engineering school(s) they wish to attend and so that an appropriate plan of study can be constructed.

Typical Courses Taken for Pre-Engineering

The second route to engineering school taken by OBU students is to major in physics and apply to graduate school in engineering. OBU physics students have been admitted to Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering graduate programs at schools such as OU, OSU, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and Baylor.

If you would like more information about pre-engineering at OBU, please contact Dr. Albert Chen.

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